Sunday, 25 December 2011

Celebrating the colours of Pakistan: The 2nd annual Pakistan Blog awards!

Okay, so I had thought of writing a little review on these awards but apparently I cannot remember anything after and before the time the one and only Imran Khan came through the doors of the hall, gracing us with his presence.  I apparently was star struck and grinning like a fool but then again who was not? Any Blogger there would know what I went through.
Well back to the awards, big and hearty congratulations to all the winners.  And those who did not win well there is always a next time. Yes, Maryam Aftab my sister said to nominate yourself next year even, you never know *wink*
A Sindhi band from the interior played their tunes with their complicated instruments never letting the audience get bored with their magically melodies, little kids preformed representing various parts and colours of Pakistan looking absolutely adorable, a comedian in the end whose name was something with an ‘S’? And then of course *swoon* Imran Khan.
So any blogger who might have had been there? If so hope you enjoyed, won etc there.
Oh a note to that person who has been haunting my blog for a while, I will NEVER use proof read so yeah go hit your head on the wall.