Saturday, 20 October 2012


By now i assume you all have had heard about Malala. Our brave little girl, who stood up against something we all were never able to. So i won't go into detail about what happened to her. I just wanted to express a few words for her, i wish i could go and tell her these words myself and as i can't i will just write them down here.
   Dear Malala, 
I have no words to describe how brave you are, no words indeed. You are a true inspiration my dear, ever since that tragic day i heard about you, i have been praying and praying that you make a healthy recovery, that you get up and walk out of that hospital and show those animals that Allah is on your side and that he will always be. Whenever i hesitate to go to school, i realise that i am ungrateful, thank you for making me realise that. You know whenever i go to school, i think about you and all the other girls being denied education. I think of all them and realise how lucky i am that i am being sent to a wonderful school and have been given access to education. I hope one day no girl is denied education ever. Malala, your name means ''Grief stricken'', and without a doubt you have left the whole wide world grief stricken. Malala i can't promise to avenge the attack on you, but i will try to avenge it, if not by weapons by education. 
Get well soon.
A fellow student.