Sunday, 19 August 2012

Chand Mubarak!

Today was the last day of Ramadan! I hope this holy month brought lots of blessings and joy to your life!
When waking up for Sehri today, it suddenly hit me that this is it, it's over!
Good bye Ramadan! And Hello EID! :D
Chand Mubarak to everyone in Pakistan! And a very happy Eid Mubarak tp everyone celebrating Eid today across the globe!

P.s do not criticise my eid mubarak picture thingy.. i know it looks ugly, didn't know what else to do with it.. 

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I am Pakistan.

I am known as a terrorist state but my soldiers are working with the UN to help keep peace, yes i am Pakistan. Perhaps not the best country in sports but all the official equipment for the Olympics and the world cups are from one of town also known as Sialkot, i am Pakistan. The first computer virus was first created in Pakistan by two brothers called Brain. We had the first youngest Microsoft expert that is our very own Arfa Karim. We have produced one of the Best cricketers, hockey players and squash players despite lacking sports facilities. We have excellent quality cotton, it's something to be proud of when you go abroad and see the label at the back and it says Made in Pakistan. We have gotten through dictators, cruel rulers etc. We have survived 65 years people, when it was predicted we wouldn't even last 5.
We are a nuclear state, we are a stubborn state, we may fight among ourselves but lay a damn finger on our country we will rip you apart.
And i am proud to say that yes i am Pakistan.
Happy Independence day! :)

Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello guys!

HI! If i ask you guys a favour will you guys do it? It's extremely simple!
Can you guys please follow the following blogs?
This blog is my sister's for her media management assignment: Information Oveerload: I like to say it loud! Plus my sister is a WAY better writer than i ever will be!
And this other blog is my cousin's she makes the most amazing cakes and cupcakes and has her own little home bakery business: Sweet Tooth Fairy AND she will be going a give away of Red velvet cupcakes once she gets 25 followers.

I usually do not do shout outs or promotions for blogs/pages but this is a somewhat special case! :)