Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I don't know what to feel anymore..

A siren goes off somewhere and suddenly everyone is rushing out of the building, shouting and crying for their loved ones.. Someone grabs me from my arm and drags me along with them, stunned for awhile i didn't realise what was happening until we are out of the building, than i feel it... And it happens in seconds but what feels like years i see my world come tumbling down, i turn to face the crowd to search for my friend who knows me better then i know myself to find comfort in his strong arms but he is no where to be seen..

So yeah today 28 countries got a tsunami warning because of an earthquake in Indonesia of 8.9 magnitude, i feel  sort of depressed, first the Siachin avalanche where 100+ of our soldiers are stuck and now this. Hopefully the tsunami will die in the sea only.. Yes i am scared, i don't want to die just yet hell i haven't even appeared for my board yet, i don't want anyone to die like this..

I think we should pray for everyone to stay safe and not just only our country or our family but all those countries which are in danger of this disaster, then maybe Allah will listen to that one lucky person's prayers and we all will be safe..