Monday, 26 September 2011

One lovely blog award!

This award was forwarded to me by Caroline! And i really want to thank her for it, it made me feel loved!

7 facts about me:
  1. I am not a tech savvy person AT ALL, i would not have known how to turn on a computer if my brother had not told me how. :P
  2. I absolutely love obsessing over things, give me something and i would obsess over it.. :s (okay that one even sounded weird to me )
  3. I think i am in love with Zayn Malik (from One direction) its something about him being a Pakistani and British.. :D
  4. I can have Ketchup with anything eatable.. Is that weird? :P
  5. I have a strange fascination with mountain... They are so cool..
  6. Crossing busy streets literally freaks me out unless i have someone to cross it with.
  7. I would ditch  SJC any day to go to Hogwarts..  
Lets see who i can forward this to.. 

P.s i am every new at blogging here, so i hope the people i am giving the award to do get it.. Oh well take care! :D

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wishing for rain as she stood in the Desert

''Please.." She murmured, "Please come back!!" She shouted this time. And all that answered back was the silence... Finally realising that no one is listening. He didn't care.. He left me here, he didn't call.
Her thoughts buzzing inside her head, were driving her crazy.. It was like her world would fall apart and she would have nothing but the darkness that would eat her up.
The room was dark, she didn't feel the need to turn on the lights. Curled up on the floor she sat, wishing that he would show up just once and explain to her that what had she done wrong? In her life she had been abandoned by almost everyone she loved, they left her either by just choosing to leave or it was God who took them away. She had no one to turn to anymore. And she desperately longed for to see her family, to see him. She knew no one would return to her, but she kept on wishing that they just show her their loving faces and smiles and then maybe she would be able to live her life more lively. But then it was like wishing for rain as she stood in the Desert.

Hope you liked this little story i wrote, it is something that i just thought up of in the middle of well listening to my Ipod and wanted it to write it somewhere.. And well I wrote it here!

Monday, 19 September 2011

We are the victims NOT the cause of Terrorism

It as a day unlike any other, children got ready for school, parents rushing them to hurry up as they will get late if they don't leave ASAP. Then suddenly in the area of D.H.A lives of innocent school going children and their parents lives were shaken by a blast, that no one even thought someone would try to do in a resident/school area.
I was leaving for my school at that time my school being in Sadar i did not know about the blast until a teacher of mine told us in class, all day the tension was at its peak and all kept wondering our cousins, brother and sisters who go that side were safe. After school when i reached home, saw my mom watching the T.V and all i could see on the television of mine was wrecked cars, blown up windows, people crying, ambulances everywhere, police and rangers near the S.P's house, the S.P angry then ever and then later i saw a little cat being carried by a firefighter out of the house.. With a leg missing.. And how could i even explain about the children??
They did not show much about them but news travels fast in our beloved city.
a neighbor of mine who goes to a school which is right next to the place of the blast reported that their school was completely vandalized. Another neighbor of mine said while taking her 5 year old daughter back to the house when heard of the blast saw bodies laying all over the place.. Just sad.
In Pakistan almost EVERYDAY innocent lives are lost by the barbarians called terrorists, everyday a family loses one of their members, a day i don't think passes without a child becoming an orphan or wife becoming a widow. People in other countries mourn and never forgt when one blast or attack occurs in their country, but here in Pakistan where people die of these events on a daily basis what about them?
People all over the world call us terrorists, but have you ever thought that we Pakistanis' are one of the main victims in this war of and against terrorism? Don't we have innocent children and families? Don't we deserve to be happy and safe?
This event that occurred today has left me very sad and angry at the same time. But i am not losing hope for my country yet because i believe every dark tunnel opens to the broad day light.
And i would like people to pray for those children and parents who lost their lives today and for the severely injured. 

Saturday, 17 September 2011

The lows of being a teen.

Its a weird feeling that erupts in my chest, making me feel sad and yet it gives me extremely great pleasure, it hurts but is also sweet. Maybe i am a masochistic or just plain crazy. I do not know why and i think i know why, i am torn.
These weird feelings are said to be a part of being a teen, if this is being called a ''teenager'' i am not sure i want to be one anymore. Get away from it all become small once again or maybe just grow old with white hair.
Being a Teen is not easy in this world of ours, those people who you love the most misunderstand you. The many sitcoms you watch never helps to dull those crazy feelings but yes they certainly add more misery to your feelings and at the same time get you away from it all for those 43 minutes.
We teens are just trying to make a place for ourselves in this world, we dream of getting swept of our feet, to break free of the invisible chains tied to us, find a prince or nowadays a vampire or in some cases a Chuck Bass. This what every girl wants. People complain that teenagers sleep A LOT, and my theory about us lazy sleepy teens becomes quite clear in the quotation of my favourite character, Albus Dumledore: 
For in dreams we enter a world which is entirely ours.
That is why we tend to sleep a lot, to enter a world which is ours and no one can take it away from us.
Teenagers are the most misunderstood people, but then again we all have to pass a phase like that, don't we?During one's teen years they go through different stages, e.g
1) the hard working happy teen
2)the i don't care about work that much but still happy teen
3) the still don't care and slightly happy teen
4) the screw work but happy teen
5) the Gothic teen
6) the emos
7) the i am back to my senses and happy teen.
But some strong willed teens usually don't go through all these phases. So i guess that's it of me going on and on about a teen in the low moments. :)


Friday, 16 September 2011

Nosy People, you find them EVERYWHERE.

People these days really need to mind their own business. If you do not like something let it be for God's Sake! Or if you can not, try to at least be nice when upfront? Is it too hard or what?
I have recently come across such a person who being very rude and moody at times which is nerve wrecking, You do not talk to me in person EVER and only on the net, obviously you do not think i am a normal girl as i do not pretend to be fake and put make up on my face and talk like a total stupid person like all the other girls you know and just because i like Harry Potter, doesn't give you the right to go around being a jerk.
Yeah so nosy People you will find them everywhere from your cousins you hardly talk to to your annoying maid who likes listening and interfering in your private conversations.
I keep wondering why do they do that? Is it boredom? Curiosity? Jealousy? Cockiness? Or they secret agents trying to know everyone's life?
I don't mind you commenting on my FB statuses but i would really like it if you kept it to yourself if you don't like it? ( a message to that person, and yes i know that person would probably won't be reading this cause well he is not a blogger.. I hope..)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Celebrating a Milestone in the Life of 10 truly amazing teachers.

Today at St. Joseph's Convent Golden jubilee of two great teachers and silver jubilee of 8 and equally great teachers was  celebrated.
Mrs. Aileen Soares ( Maths, Cambridge Sec.)
Mrs. Sabra Siddiqui (Urdu, Cambridge Sec.)
Celebrated their golden jubilee at St. Joseph's, warm words and praises were said in their honour, Ex-students and students showed their love for their respected teachers.
Qoutations such as the following were said to show how great these teachers truly are:
A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others
 Silver Jubilee of the following teachers was also celebrated, many students know their names for they have inspired many souls and I perhaps am one of those souls who have been greatly inspired by them as for they are the teachers who have taught me the values of life and made me believe that nothing is impossible if one tries hard to achieve that thing.
And those great teachers are:
Ms. Gulnaz Mondengarian ( She was the class teacher of the third grade for 20 years, now teaches the 5th grade since the past 5 years)
Ms. Shirin Afzal (the Sindhi teacher who taught us our first Sindhi Alphabets)
Ms. Nuzhat Sattar ( A Sindhi teacher, well known in the Matric section for her strict yet funny classes)
Ms. Nilofer Minhas ( An Art teacher of the middle section, whose dedication to the subject made students life in SJC colourful as ever.)
Ms. Sikander ( Another Sindhi teacher well known in the Matric section, for her funny dialogues and for never punishing us when we pushed all the limits)
Ms Seema Yousuf (Islamiat teacher, Cambridge Sec.)
Ms. Rose (My fifth grade teacher, who made me cry twice in her class, but nevertheless i believe she is the reason i have a control on my emotions and well the teeny bit confidence i have.)
And the School nurse! Whose name i can not currently remember! And i should as i have gone to her many times myself!
But not only did our school celebrate the Jubilees of teachers but we also appreciated the domestic staff that served us and kept us safe all these 25 years.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Hello fellow Bloggers!

Hi, my name is Mahnoor. I am new here (Obviously, now isn't it?). I will be posting about different things that i like/dislike and if you don't agree with what I say, two things: 1) i am sorry but everyone has their own opinion on things and 2) i am not sorry everyone has their opinion on things and should be able to express it. Other then that hope you like my posts/blogs! :)