Saturday, 17 September 2011

The lows of being a teen.

Its a weird feeling that erupts in my chest, making me feel sad and yet it gives me extremely great pleasure, it hurts but is also sweet. Maybe i am a masochistic or just plain crazy. I do not know why and i think i know why, i am torn.
These weird feelings are said to be a part of being a teen, if this is being called a ''teenager'' i am not sure i want to be one anymore. Get away from it all become small once again or maybe just grow old with white hair.
Being a Teen is not easy in this world of ours, those people who you love the most misunderstand you. The many sitcoms you watch never helps to dull those crazy feelings but yes they certainly add more misery to your feelings and at the same time get you away from it all for those 43 minutes.
We teens are just trying to make a place for ourselves in this world, we dream of getting swept of our feet, to break free of the invisible chains tied to us, find a prince or nowadays a vampire or in some cases a Chuck Bass. This what every girl wants. People complain that teenagers sleep A LOT, and my theory about us lazy sleepy teens becomes quite clear in the quotation of my favourite character, Albus Dumledore: 
For in dreams we enter a world which is entirely ours.
That is why we tend to sleep a lot, to enter a world which is ours and no one can take it away from us.
Teenagers are the most misunderstood people, but then again we all have to pass a phase like that, don't we?During one's teen years they go through different stages, e.g
1) the hard working happy teen
2)the i don't care about work that much but still happy teen
3) the still don't care and slightly happy teen
4) the screw work but happy teen
5) the Gothic teen
6) the emos
7) the i am back to my senses and happy teen.
But some strong willed teens usually don't go through all these phases. So i guess that's it of me going on and on about a teen in the low moments. :)


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