Friday, 16 September 2011

Nosy People, you find them EVERYWHERE.

People these days really need to mind their own business. If you do not like something let it be for God's Sake! Or if you can not, try to at least be nice when upfront? Is it too hard or what?
I have recently come across such a person who being very rude and moody at times which is nerve wrecking, You do not talk to me in person EVER and only on the net, obviously you do not think i am a normal girl as i do not pretend to be fake and put make up on my face and talk like a total stupid person like all the other girls you know and just because i like Harry Potter, doesn't give you the right to go around being a jerk.
Yeah so nosy People you will find them everywhere from your cousins you hardly talk to to your annoying maid who likes listening and interfering in your private conversations.
I keep wondering why do they do that? Is it boredom? Curiosity? Jealousy? Cockiness? Or they secret agents trying to know everyone's life?
I don't mind you commenting on my FB statuses but i would really like it if you kept it to yourself if you don't like it? ( a message to that person, and yes i know that person would probably won't be reading this cause well he is not a blogger.. I hope..)


  1. Oh, and a happy birthday to you! :)

  2. *sigh* So you decided to delete my first comment, eh? Fine, be a spoil-sport. :P It was just some constructive criticism and a good recommendation of a good book series, is all.

    Oh, do try to proofread next time. >_<