Monday, 19 September 2011

We are the victims NOT the cause of Terrorism

It as a day unlike any other, children got ready for school, parents rushing them to hurry up as they will get late if they don't leave ASAP. Then suddenly in the area of D.H.A lives of innocent school going children and their parents lives were shaken by a blast, that no one even thought someone would try to do in a resident/school area.
I was leaving for my school at that time my school being in Sadar i did not know about the blast until a teacher of mine told us in class, all day the tension was at its peak and all kept wondering our cousins, brother and sisters who go that side were safe. After school when i reached home, saw my mom watching the T.V and all i could see on the television of mine was wrecked cars, blown up windows, people crying, ambulances everywhere, police and rangers near the S.P's house, the S.P angry then ever and then later i saw a little cat being carried by a firefighter out of the house.. With a leg missing.. And how could i even explain about the children??
They did not show much about them but news travels fast in our beloved city.
a neighbor of mine who goes to a school which is right next to the place of the blast reported that their school was completely vandalized. Another neighbor of mine said while taking her 5 year old daughter back to the house when heard of the blast saw bodies laying all over the place.. Just sad.
In Pakistan almost EVERYDAY innocent lives are lost by the barbarians called terrorists, everyday a family loses one of their members, a day i don't think passes without a child becoming an orphan or wife becoming a widow. People in other countries mourn and never forgt when one blast or attack occurs in their country, but here in Pakistan where people die of these events on a daily basis what about them?
People all over the world call us terrorists, but have you ever thought that we Pakistanis' are one of the main victims in this war of and against terrorism? Don't we have innocent children and families? Don't we deserve to be happy and safe?
This event that occurred today has left me very sad and angry at the same time. But i am not losing hope for my country yet because i believe every dark tunnel opens to the broad day light.
And i would like people to pray for those children and parents who lost their lives today and for the severely injured. 


  1. a sad situtation indeed when one thinks of the innocent children who have yet to see anything...their world is only toys and pencils and crayons and dolls...and their lives are terminated so suddenly in a way so cruel :(

  2. Yes indeed.. People who do such stuff do not have a heart at all..