Thursday, 15 September 2011

Celebrating a Milestone in the Life of 10 truly amazing teachers.

Today at St. Joseph's Convent Golden jubilee of two great teachers and silver jubilee of 8 and equally great teachers was  celebrated.
Mrs. Aileen Soares ( Maths, Cambridge Sec.)
Mrs. Sabra Siddiqui (Urdu, Cambridge Sec.)
Celebrated their golden jubilee at St. Joseph's, warm words and praises were said in their honour, Ex-students and students showed their love for their respected teachers.
Qoutations such as the following were said to show how great these teachers truly are:
A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others
 Silver Jubilee of the following teachers was also celebrated, many students know their names for they have inspired many souls and I perhaps am one of those souls who have been greatly inspired by them as for they are the teachers who have taught me the values of life and made me believe that nothing is impossible if one tries hard to achieve that thing.
And those great teachers are:
Ms. Gulnaz Mondengarian ( She was the class teacher of the third grade for 20 years, now teaches the 5th grade since the past 5 years)
Ms. Shirin Afzal (the Sindhi teacher who taught us our first Sindhi Alphabets)
Ms. Nuzhat Sattar ( A Sindhi teacher, well known in the Matric section for her strict yet funny classes)
Ms. Nilofer Minhas ( An Art teacher of the middle section, whose dedication to the subject made students life in SJC colourful as ever.)
Ms. Sikander ( Another Sindhi teacher well known in the Matric section, for her funny dialogues and for never punishing us when we pushed all the limits)
Ms Seema Yousuf (Islamiat teacher, Cambridge Sec.)
Ms. Rose (My fifth grade teacher, who made me cry twice in her class, but nevertheless i believe she is the reason i have a control on my emotions and well the teeny bit confidence i have.)
And the School nurse! Whose name i can not currently remember! And i should as i have gone to her many times myself!
But not only did our school celebrate the Jubilees of teachers but we also appreciated the domestic staff that served us and kept us safe all these 25 years.


  1. read it somewhere in the newspaper that two teachers celebrating their 50 years of teaching in a school....salute to them... 50 years is a lifetime and they spent it teaching so that somebody could be a better human... :)

  2. Yes it's truly a lifetime :) And thank you for following me.