Thursday, 22 September 2011

Wishing for rain as she stood in the Desert

''Please.." She murmured, "Please come back!!" She shouted this time. And all that answered back was the silence... Finally realising that no one is listening. He didn't care.. He left me here, he didn't call.
Her thoughts buzzing inside her head, were driving her crazy.. It was like her world would fall apart and she would have nothing but the darkness that would eat her up.
The room was dark, she didn't feel the need to turn on the lights. Curled up on the floor she sat, wishing that he would show up just once and explain to her that what had she done wrong? In her life she had been abandoned by almost everyone she loved, they left her either by just choosing to leave or it was God who took them away. She had no one to turn to anymore. And she desperately longed for to see her family, to see him. She knew no one would return to her, but she kept on wishing that they just show her their loving faces and smiles and then maybe she would be able to live her life more lively. But then it was like wishing for rain as she stood in the Desert.

Hope you liked this little story i wrote, it is something that i just thought up of in the middle of well listening to my Ipod and wanted it to write it somewhere.. And well I wrote it here!


  1. Oooo I really like this! Especially the its like 'wishing for rain as she stood in the desert' LOL <- when i commented i finally realised that was the title, im so slow...
    Follow my blog?

  2. yes surely its a nicely written story with a fresh should write more :)

    P.S. is that your pic on the header?jumping or what? :P

  3. @everyone Thank you guys! :D I am glad you all liked this! :D
    @Muhammad Israr That is not me its a pic of a girl that i took while she was cleaning her shoes or something not sure.
    @Caroline sure thing!

  4. Hi! Just letting you know I forwarded a blogger award to you :) cant wait to see your 7 facts about yourself :D