Thursday, 21 June 2012

Mango Season

It's summer. Which can only mean one thing: Mangoes. As soon as June begins crates of mangoes start arriving from different relatives of mine. Half of the refrigerator is filled with them and the smell drives me mad.
Honestly i hate mangoes. They make me sick and just looking at them makes me want to gag. I am very anti-mangoes. Scratch that i am anti-fruits. I can not stand mangoes specially. If i accidentally touch a mango, you will most probably find me in the washroom scrubbing my hands. My lets say 'mango fear' has decreased a little as once upon a time i couldn't even stand in the same room where a mango would be.
Some of you will say that i hate mangoes because i have never tried them. Wrong. I once tasted it. I spent the whole hour gagging and cleaning my tongue.
And as if everyone wants to torture me they keep bringing freaking mangoes!
Questions: Does any of you like/love mangoes?

Hi! I know i have not posted in like weeks! My laptop's motherboard got fried and has gone to get fixed.. So yeah. Very unlucky year for me i should say!
Well hope everyone is doing great! :D
And check out this funny video made by someone.
P.s. some of it is in Sindhi don't get confused with Punjabi!
It's very funny and if any one needs translations i am happy to help!

Waderai ka Beta

Okay bye! i will try to post more often!! :D