Thursday, 21 June 2012

Hi! I know i have not posted in like weeks! My laptop's motherboard got fried and has gone to get fixed.. So yeah. Very unlucky year for me i should say!
Well hope everyone is doing great! :D
And check out this funny video made by someone.
P.s. some of it is in Sindhi don't get confused with Punjabi!
It's very funny and if any one needs translations i am happy to help!

Waderai ka Beta

Okay bye! i will try to post more often!! :D


  1. Mahnoor,

    Nice to see you back. Has your laptop been repaired? Hope to see you often now. Enjoyed the video.

    Take care

    1. Yes hopefully will try to postn as i can as often as i can! And no it has not fixed yet.. Using my brother's! :D