Wednesday, 17 July 2013

And The Mountains Echoed: A Book Review.

I don't 'review' books, i just express what i thought of them by saying: It was nice. Good story. Etc etc. But something about Khaled Hosseini's books makes me want to write down all my thoughts and emotions after reading his books.
I have been a Khaled Hosseini fan since the day i read The Kite Runner a few years back. And i was absolutely hooked. And  after that came the beautifully narrated and sculpted: A Thousand Splendid Suns. These books made me cry, laugh and feel everything the character was feeling. And The Mountains Echoed was not an exception, it fulfilled it's purpose of making one fall in love and experiencing Afghanistan like one only can through a Khaled Hosseini novel.
The book starts with a small verse from Rumi a renowned Persian poet.

Out beyond ideas
Of wrongdoing and rightdoing
There is a field.
I will meet you there.
When one reads this verse it automatically sets the mood one needs to read this book. Beautifully written, heart wrenching, journeying through Afghanistan, USA, Greek islands of Tinos and Paris comes this lovestory of Pari and Abdullah. Mind you by lovestory i do not mean a romance between those two but a story about love. And a lovestory can be about any two people, mother and daughter, sisters, two friends, brother and sister, father and son. And this book revolves around the lovestory of a brother and sister. The book starts with their father telling the siblings about a div who takes away the most beloved child of a poor family and the father going all the way to the div's house on the mountains to get his son back only to find that his son is happy and living a happy life, a life that poor farmer couldn't provide. Thus the farmer leaves  the div's palace with a potion he got as a present for passing the div's test. On drinking that potions the farmer forgets his son and all his grieve. Later as the story developes we learn that the father is taking Pari to Kabul and Abdullah insists on going with them  following them until his father finally allows him to come with them. During their journey we learn about Pari and Abdullah's relation, their love for each other, how Abdullah can do anything  for his sister and how much he adores her gap toothed smile and way that little girl calls him abollah. But alas tradgedy strikes as it always does the two siblings are torn apart from each other because of a deal their step uncle makes with the family who he works for. The adoptive mother takes Pari away to Paris after a few years while Abdullah grieves the lose of  his beloved sister, years later through the narrating of their step uncle and his friend Mr Markos we learn the reasons behind the separation of Pari and Abdullah. Where they ended up, how their lives turned out. And eventually we even learn about Pari's live in France, how her 'mother' turned her into a French woman, never told her about her true identity and how she forgets there was an  Abdullah in her life. And yet feels like there is something missing from her life all these years never knowing what to be exact. After 58 years the uncle who separated them in a way bring them back to each other, but fate has something else in store for those two, Abdullah has lost his memory to old age he doesn't remember anything. His daughter Pari brings his sister Pari to him just like she had hoped one day she would. She shows Pari all the things he kept safe of hers  the old box with an Indian man wearing a red tunic full of colourful feathers to a few letters in Farsi. I won't spoil the entire book for everyone. Read it, totally worth one's time and  money. 
I give this book 3.5 stars out of 5. Good book, but didn't meet the standards A thousand splendid suns has set. 

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Ramadan Mubarak!

Salam to all the people out there! It's officially Ramadan! The month of fasting and countless blessings! This month has it's own essence, a few days before the moon sighting you already feel the atmosphere change and  turn into something magical of sorts. The whole month is a blessing from Allah as we get to repent for our sins, save ourselves from the fire of hell and basically collect all the blessings we possibly can.
So i hope you all enjoy pakoras and samosas during iftar with lots of Rooh afza! Don't forget to pray for all those muslims currently stuck in war in Syria and other countries.
Hoping all the muslims have a smooth and worry-free Ramadan, Ameen!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Sometimes a dream is just within your reach.

I have this weird far fetched dream, and somehow that dream these days seems a little more realistic. And one day i pray to my Allah to make into a beautiful reality (Insha Allah).
At this point i am sure one would start wondering what is this dream this girl speaks of?
It is my dream of attending this university that makes me at time wish to just fast forward my life only to see if  i will ever reach my destination.
I have never truly felt i belong somewhere, not at my old school, certainly not at my new college, but i have this gut feeling that: Yes! that's the place, that is somewhere i might have a chance.
And that college is really  far away from my home, family and the people who i love.  If i head out to that college one day i will be leaving behind a huge part of myself.
Right now i am getting all emotional and sentimental about it,  i sort of feel homesick even though i haven't even been there ever..
                                                “We are homesick most for the places we have never known.” 
                                                                                  ― Carson McCullers
Here's a picture of the college i dream  about some of you  might recognize it.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Pre Fathers' Day Dilemma.

Well fathers' day is approaching (Hint: it's on the 16th of this month) and i have no idea what to get my father. My father is not the outdoor type, or the book type or a movie type or a cake lover. My father doesn't enjoy cake specially chocolate cake, he only like coffee cake form The Bombay Bakery which i might add is in Hyderabad not in Karachi and it will be sort of impossible to get that cake. Okay not impossible but hard. I mean it is so easy to shop for my mother, some clothes, a watch, chocolate cake etc but i have no clue what to get Papa!
What plans do you guys have for your father? Maybe i can copy that.. I can always give him an handmade card which he absolutely loves as they are made by his extremely talented daughter..

Friday, 7 June 2013

I come bearing news.

I come bearing news. Happy news, sad news, news news.
For over a year i was MIA from here and in that amount of time life has taken so many twists and turns that even though we are those same people we were last year, our lifes are perhaps not the same anymore or maybe they are, what do i know?
This year i graduated from school *Yay!*
Graduating from my school it was such an emotional roller coaster, one minute you are really happy on top of the world, leaving a place you wanted to escape for a long time. But as you say goodbye one last time it's like you are leaving a piece of yourself there which no matter how hard you try you can't get back. And when you are going to colleges for admissions and you compare all of them with your school, they seem dull and way too tiny. You feel claustrophobic there and you just want to go back to your old school and sit in your favourite corner.
I leave St. Joseph's Convent as a proud Josephian, what ever i am, where ever i am it is because of my school and despite my complaints i will miss it.
On other notes:
For the first time i saw justice being served in this country, the rich were helpless for the very first time and the victims got their justice. I am sure you all must have heard about the Shazaib Khan case by now. The two murderers got proven guilty despite their efforts of bribing everyone and they today they got their verdict i.e sentence to death, in my personal opinion their punishment is full on accurate. They destroyed a family, killed an innocent for a very ****** reason. They deserve it and their punishment will set all those rich spoilt brats with guns in line as for they will not even consider committing such an act!

As my last post was about Malala praying for her health, i am extremely happy that our brave girl has fully recovered and continuing her studies and making a difference.