Monday, 10 June 2013

Pre Fathers' Day Dilemma.

Well fathers' day is approaching (Hint: it's on the 16th of this month) and i have no idea what to get my father. My father is not the outdoor type, or the book type or a movie type or a cake lover. My father doesn't enjoy cake specially chocolate cake, he only like coffee cake form The Bombay Bakery which i might add is in Hyderabad not in Karachi and it will be sort of impossible to get that cake. Okay not impossible but hard. I mean it is so easy to shop for my mother, some clothes, a watch, chocolate cake etc but i have no clue what to get Papa!
What plans do you guys have for your father? Maybe i can copy that.. I can always give him an handmade card which he absolutely loves as they are made by his extremely talented daughter..

1 comment:

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