Friday, 28 June 2013

Sometimes a dream is just within your reach.

I have this weird far fetched dream, and somehow that dream these days seems a little more realistic. And one day i pray to my Allah to make into a beautiful reality (Insha Allah).
At this point i am sure one would start wondering what is this dream this girl speaks of?
It is my dream of attending this university that makes me at time wish to just fast forward my life only to see if  i will ever reach my destination.
I have never truly felt i belong somewhere, not at my old school, certainly not at my new college, but i have this gut feeling that: Yes! that's the place, that is somewhere i might have a chance.
And that college is really  far away from my home, family and the people who i love.  If i head out to that college one day i will be leaving behind a huge part of myself.
Right now i am getting all emotional and sentimental about it,  i sort of feel homesick even though i haven't even been there ever..
                                                “We are homesick most for the places we have never known.” 
                                                                                  ― Carson McCullers
Here's a picture of the college i dream  about some of you  might recognize it.


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