Friday, 7 June 2013

I come bearing news.

I come bearing news. Happy news, sad news, news news.
For over a year i was MIA from here and in that amount of time life has taken so many twists and turns that even though we are those same people we were last year, our lifes are perhaps not the same anymore or maybe they are, what do i know?
This year i graduated from school *Yay!*
Graduating from my school it was such an emotional roller coaster, one minute you are really happy on top of the world, leaving a place you wanted to escape for a long time. But as you say goodbye one last time it's like you are leaving a piece of yourself there which no matter how hard you try you can't get back. And when you are going to colleges for admissions and you compare all of them with your school, they seem dull and way too tiny. You feel claustrophobic there and you just want to go back to your old school and sit in your favourite corner.
I leave St. Joseph's Convent as a proud Josephian, what ever i am, where ever i am it is because of my school and despite my complaints i will miss it.
On other notes:
For the first time i saw justice being served in this country, the rich were helpless for the very first time and the victims got their justice. I am sure you all must have heard about the Shazaib Khan case by now. The two murderers got proven guilty despite their efforts of bribing everyone and they today they got their verdict i.e sentence to death, in my personal opinion their punishment is full on accurate. They destroyed a family, killed an innocent for a very ****** reason. They deserve it and their punishment will set all those rich spoilt brats with guns in line as for they will not even consider committing such an act!

As my last post was about Malala praying for her health, i am extremely happy that our brave girl has fully recovered and continuing her studies and making a difference.