Saturday, 20 October 2012


By now i assume you all have had heard about Malala. Our brave little girl, who stood up against something we all were never able to. So i won't go into detail about what happened to her. I just wanted to express a few words for her, i wish i could go and tell her these words myself and as i can't i will just write them down here.
   Dear Malala, 
I have no words to describe how brave you are, no words indeed. You are a true inspiration my dear, ever since that tragic day i heard about you, i have been praying and praying that you make a healthy recovery, that you get up and walk out of that hospital and show those animals that Allah is on your side and that he will always be. Whenever i hesitate to go to school, i realise that i am ungrateful, thank you for making me realise that. You know whenever i go to school, i think about you and all the other girls being denied education. I think of all them and realise how lucky i am that i am being sent to a wonderful school and have been given access to education. I hope one day no girl is denied education ever. Malala, your name means ''Grief stricken'', and without a doubt you have left the whole wide world grief stricken. Malala i can't promise to avenge the attack on you, but i will try to avenge it, if not by weapons by education. 
Get well soon.
A fellow student.


  1. wow.. those are some really good words that you wrote about malala.. Inshallah she gets well soon.. my prayers are with her tooo... ! she really is a true inspiration.. !!

  2. Mahnoor,

    We need many more Malalas in every country to fight against atrocities. May God bless her with speedy and full recovery. May others also follow this brave girl.

    Take care

  3. Mahnoor,

    EID MUBARAK to you all.

    Take care

  4. so now get back to blogger.... :)

    1. This is so strange just as i was thinking of writing a post :D

  5. Yes, I was the one who followed Malala, which is called inspiration for my life. Thanks for the comment.

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