Tuesday, 28 February 2012

And the Oscar goes to...

Just wanted to congratulate Sharmeen Obaid Chinoey for her achievement!! People like her really show the world how just AWESOME we Pakistanis are, am i right? Ofcourse i am!
And honestly i was bursting with pride when i saw her receive it! And then give that speech! Is it just me or was Sandra Bullock moved to tears?
Even the documentary was about the acid throwing accidents happening in our society and so not portraying the good side of Pakistan, but nonetheless made by a Pakistani.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

The Humsafar tragedy

Today 4th of February 2012 all Pakistani women and some men if i am not mistaken, were desperately waiting for the 20th episode of the very famous drama by the title Humsafar. Yes they showed the previous episode of the show, people across Pakistan are outraged! How can they do this? HOW?
Why did they put us through this torture? why? People across the country are asking this question.
But according to the official Humsafar Fan page they had a technical fault that is why aired the previous episode, i say Bull everything. (sigh) Yes, i am heart broken.
Some funny tweets i came across during the outrage that went on because of episode 19 being repeated:

  • Technical Problems ki zemedari Taliban ne kabool karli- Rehman Malik :P ROFL  ( Trans: Taliban accepts the responsibility of the technical problem - Rehman Malik)
  • Wives daughters sisters mothers grandmas -general female population suffers severe withdrawal symptoms of missed "Humsafar" dose.
  • Guys, if she says she's ditching Humsafar to talk to you; DON'T FALL FOR IT AND PROPOSE! It's a repeat episode
  • People crying over how they are showing last weeks #Humsafar episode. "Sab Zardari ki galti he" #AveragePakiStatement. (yes blame the president!)
And believe me i could go on and on.. You know what the worst part was? The official page posting all new episode of Humsafar do NOT miss it!  Oh and some funny pictures to go along as well of the 'tragedy'.

Via Comics By Arsalan. 
Via Twitter
Yes i had nothing else to post about and i wanted to post something today and after today's heartbreak, i just thought that i got my topic, boo yaa! :( 
So the the 20th episode will air on the 11th of Feb! :( So waiting till then for my weekly dose of Humsafar!
Oh and Happy Eid ul Milad un Nabi!