Thursday, 24 July 2014

Thoughts this Ramadan. #iSupportPalestine

A fews days back while i sat with my family and neighbors at the table waiting for the Azaan to break our fast, my mum and this woman started talking about how much 'Sabar' patience we show, for example how we go with out food and water from dawn to dusk (About 15-16 hours here) and specially during the last few minutes where we have everything in front of usready to eat but we patiently wait for Azaan. 
This little conversation made me truly believe in the strength of a human, how powerful and strong Allah has made us. Which brings me to the people of Palestine and how they are currently suffering at the hands of the Zionist and showing comendable strength and patience. They show patience because they know and believe that if Allah is with them they can get through this. 
For the past 60 years or more Israel has been bombarding and attacking Palestine in an attempt to take over their country but have failed.
Throughout this battle for freedom for the Palestinians, i will not become anti semitic as being a muslim in this world at the moment where the entire muslim nation is called terrorists because of some people that way i sincerely want to believe that not all Jews support whats happening in Gaza. 
Currently all i can do is pray for my brothers and sisters in Palestine as it is the most powerful weapon and i encourage that everyone does so, as its the month of Ramadan and its that blessed month when prayers are answered the most. 
I, Syed Mahnoor Shah from karachi Pakistan support Gaza. 

(excuse any mistakes, typos and errors as typed from handheld.)

Friday, 11 July 2014

Summers 2014/Ramadan 1435.

Ramadan Mubarak to all! Hope this month brings you lots of blessing and happiness. Don't forget to pray for our Pak Army who is fighting to keep us safe, and for all the people everywhere around the world in a war conflicted country.
When Summers began i thought i'd be posting more, sleep more, finally get some rain in my city, but sadly that's not so. Instead i am working as an intern and getting less sleep then i hoped for and no rain. Oh well. These days i seem obsessed with sleep, been sleep deprived and all ever since my college started (Pre-Engineering is HARD). Well one more year into college then it's university time! (Fingers crossed).

Thursday, 9 January 2014

New year: New begginings. *bleck*

So almost a week back we entered a new year, 2014. People were so excited new year new me thing going on.
I wasn't looking forward to 2014, it meant spending a whole year in the wretched college of mine, so wake me up when 2015 arrives that was my mood as you can call it. The past year had been a bit stressful for me, i had developed a sort depression maybe graduating from SJC did not bring that sort of excitement for me as it brought others. And maybe there were other factors which effected this feeling, but when looking into another year in the same dreadful place made me want to scream and pull my hair.
So far college has began again for the year, been two days and i have not gone. No conveyance, and i doubt i will be going tomorrow either.
GOD i have become such a sad soul, anyways hope you all had a wonderful 2013 and will have an amazing 2014. :)