Saturday, 12 May 2012

I Love You Mum!

 It was one of those nights where she screamed her lungs out in her sleep in the middle of the night, thrashing in her bed trying to get out of the dream. Stuck in that horrible nightmare. She screams and screams no one seems to hear her. Suddenly two warm arms hold her firmly and whispers to her, pulling her out of the dream she thought she'd never be able to escape. 
'Shh, everything will be Okay. Everything IS okay.' But her sobs continue, she knows subconsciously that she is there but is unable to really get back to reality. 'Come on now recite the Kalma and everything will be alright.'  Her warm embrace brings her out of the nightmare, her advice helps her sleep peacefully and her presence makes her stronger. 
And that is my mother, she is always there for me even when i have my totally unexpected mood swings and despite my occasional teen tantrums. 
Thank you mum for everything, for always being there. And that i love you to bits even when my attitude stinks. 
I truly do not know where i will be if i did not have you! <3 


  1. Aww.
    Happy mother's day to your mom :)

  2. Mahnoor,

    First visit. Read all current posts. Liked fiction of Sukina. Do write more. Nature does not spare anyone and we are the culprits of abusing what nature offers, like all we do in the name of progress. We need to worry about environments too. I can relate to feelings of post examination period. Mother is representative of God on earth.

    Take care

  3. sweet tribute to mom... happy belated mothers day :)