Saturday, 5 May 2012

Nothing tastes better than sweet FREEDOM!

Hello everyone, how you all doing?
My exams are OVER for good for now...!! I feel like a bird now, free to do anything i like and want! These last couple of weeks have been hectic! Seriously i have worked by butt off and i really hope my result is actually good this time. In my preliminaries i got a fudging B (Imagine the horror, stupid high achieving family), so yeah got a big lecture from my parents AND siblings about it.. I really hope i get an A+ not even a simple and sweet A. You ask why? Go to my parents.
Well enough about exams, they are OVER! It's just i have not opened Blogger for what a few weeks and zap its changed? I am not sure what to think about these changes...
So yeah it's MAY! Which means in simple Mahnoor Shah vocabulary that a REALLY long Friday before the two month weekend! I know some of you may find it lame but i kind of like say random silly stuff like that.
So any Summer plans?
i thought i had plans until the summer camp i had attended last year lowered the fudging age limit and now i can not go to that and they added a new course even that i so want to take...
Oh btw i might be changing my blog name soon... I thought i might change it when i am not a teen anymore but i feel like it... Should I?
And i have many stories to share i just hope i will be not lazy and actually post them!
Hope to post soon! :)
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  1. congratulations on your new life :)

  2. praying for your results...hope you gat A+... naak na katwana :P warna parents kahene k ye blogger p kinki company mili hai jo nalaiq hogyi ho :P

    1. You have no idea how badly i need an A+.. :P

  3. I can totally feel you, man. <3