Monday, 6 August 2012

Hello guys!

HI! If i ask you guys a favour will you guys do it? It's extremely simple!
Can you guys please follow the following blogs?
This blog is my sister's for her media management assignment: Information Oveerload: I like to say it loud! Plus my sister is a WAY better writer than i ever will be!
And this other blog is my cousin's she makes the most amazing cakes and cupcakes and has her own little home bakery business: Sweet Tooth Fairy AND she will be going a give away of Red velvet cupcakes once she gets 25 followers.

I usually do not do shout outs or promotions for blogs/pages but this is a somewhat special case! :) 


  1. Mahnoor,

    I will surely visit you sister's blog but may not visit the other one as it is not my cup of tea.

    Take care

    1. I can understand about you not visiting the other blog, but it was my duty to tell people about it, their wish if they want to visit it or not. And i really hope you like my sister's blog! :)