Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Saying goodbye to another year!

So i just noticed that my first 2012 post was well a kind of sad one, you know about the genius girl's death and all. So yeah about 2011 it had it's ups and down. Highlights and low lights of my life in 2011.
2011 Highs:
  1. I got to go to summer school in my dream university!
  2. Went out of Sindh for the first time (yay me!)
  3. My hard work paid off i got into Science ( as my school is crazy and well they wont give you marks even though your exam went super great and they wont give science as well unless you get more then 75% in the all subjects)
  4. The final Harry Potter premier! :D
2011 lows:
  1. Dad had a heart attack.
  2. Grandma died.
  3. I got Dengue and Jaundice at the same time! (lucky me)
  4. No more Harry Potter movies or books.. :(
Well that's well my 2011 and i hope that 2012 will be way better, don't we all?
I do not have any new year's resolutions this year, as i have got so many things to do like study for preliminary exams, study for board, plan the farewell for the graduating seniors, get an A? Ameen. (hahah)
Well i know what to do when 2012 ends get the 2012 movie dvd, watch it and laugh.  Maybe after my exams i will most probably start video editing! 
Total random and out of nowhere question: How do you know its actual love not your heart's way of telling you it's constipated.. Hahaha never mind don't answer that.. 

P.s i just realised that i had not said a good bye to 2011 as i was wondering where the hell are fire works because in Islamabad i spent my new year's eve looking for a open restaurant and fireworks. I missed Karachi, hehe.
2011 Best Highlight.


  1. I like how you wrote down your highs and lows, really sums the year up :)
    Hope you have an amazing 2012!

  2. Oh yes, I'm totally going to miss Harry Potter :(

  3. i hope all your wishes come true in 2012..and it becomes the year of your happiness with no sadness no worries... i think you are the first person who would go to islamabad for enjoying :P

    1. haha thanx.. Well we had gone to Murree and other such places and had to stay in Islamabad! :)