Thursday, 24 November 2011

In sickness and in health i will Blagg :P

Hey its been a while since i have blogged, but been so messed up lately. Yes i had like posted before Eid and  then after Eid i had a little bonfire at school, then exams were going on but i was only able to give two of them as i got sick, i never knew a mosquito bite can make a person so weak.. But i am on the road to recovery been drinking icky juices and having yucky pills everyday, and well yeah lately i have become a bhuddi ama (an old lady) climbing the stairs is like climbing a big stupid mountain...

So enough about me being sick! I hope you all had good time on Eid, if your papers were going on hope you ever able to give all of them unlike me..  And these past couple of weeks been really sad for me exams, sick and my birthday party had to be cancelled because i am sick! :( Yes my 16th birthday ruined.. Hehe btw it's my birthday on Monday!! I hope to get better by then... Going for my third Blood test tomorrow..
So okay byee see ya soon..

P.s: the papaya leave juice tastes horrible never ever even try it. Its like poison except it doesn't kill you.


  1. oh gilr... thanks God that you are now okay and recovering well... lets hope you are back to your normal self in a while...keep writing and posting...yes a mosquito surely can do it :) as Sherlock Holmes would put it " the smallest things are often the most important" :)
    and its sad that you missed out your exam but hey health is wealth and its the most important thing that you are going to be healthy...exams come and go :) best of luck for the next time :0

  2. Yeah i hope to get better ASAP it is really annoying i can not do anything except lie in bed watch tv and sleep and yeah get tired :P

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