Monday, 2 July 2012

Big Miracle.

I finally saw the movie Big Miracle, and i don't know what i was waiting for? I mean why didn't I watch it as soon as it was released? Totally loved the whole plot and the fact that it was based on a true story just made my heart ache! Like finally the Americans did something good in my eyes!
The movie is based on rescuing whales and people coming together to help them, it just shows how this cruel world of ours is functioning because there are good people out there somewhere. I have been quiet fond of whales since the fact that a baby whale had washed up at a beach in my country and my father had taken me there to see it. It was bigger then our house! I truly think whales are just magnificent. I mean all the God made creatures are, and some people just tend to ignore them because they can't do anything for them. Just imagine if you help an animal who can't just straight out tell you they are in pain, how much happy Allah will be with you?
The movie was so full of emotion i truly do not know i how kept my composure. When that baby whale died hours before the big rescue, it was heart breaking i was literally praying that please God let the others survive at least. I just wanted to jump inside the screen and help out to, i wanted to be there as well but since it had happened almost a decade before i was born, i probably wouldn't had been a big help considering i was not alive back then...
Oh well a great movie over all, please watch it, if you have not seen it already. It really makes one appreciate  nature. 

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  1. Mahnoor,

    I agree with you that there are good people around but unfortunately they are outnumbered by those who believe otherwise. We all, humans as well as other creatures, can live in harmony if we wish to but sad part is that we are lead to other directions by those with vested interests. May God give sense to such misguided persons.

    Take care