Monday, 9 July 2012

Obsessed Much?

I had a dream.
It was the best dream ever. I was packing my suitcase, and has heading off to France for the Summer! 
(sigh) If only this dream would come true! And maybe one day it will? Can i get a Ameen? And an Insha Allah please? :P
Question: Have you ever been to France?
I have never been to France, heck i have never stepped outside of the Pakistani border. I would totally love to go to France.. 
When i graduate from SJC in a few months, i am enrolling for French language lessons at the Alliance. I already know a few French words, thanks to: My Dad, English to French Dictionary and Google Translator! But i'd probably would need a really big suitcase to stuff all my clothes i took from here and the clothes i would get from there! And a good camera of course would be a must!  
Sigh, i sure dream a lot! Maybe one day i will go to France, who knows.. 
A girl can dream right?


  1. Mahnoor,

    May God bless you with fulfillment of your dream.

    Take care

  2. but i have a question. why france? of all the places in the world? why not rome or venice or hawaii? why france? akhir ku?

    1. France because it is probably the only country to have attracted my attention, i mean Yes Rome and Venice are beautiful from all the movies i have seen. I would love to go there. But i don't know going to the Eiffel, all the bistros and museums and the history, the language itself, the culture etc is very interesting and i sort of just want to experience it.. You it is like a calling... :P

  3. Cool, A Dad for a translator! :D
    France and Paris *sigh* Nyc and LA *sigh* But Pakistan is the paradise on Earth :') Patriotic much? :P

    Love your blog's background. So cute and childy :)
    Thanks for the visit

  4. Yes Pakistan is paradise without light on Earth though. :P
    I am glad you like it!
    And no problem!

  5. When you go to France(inshallah) get me something nice and French

    1. hahaha yess i will get you lots of nice French stuff. :D