Sunday, 25 March 2012

Let the Hunger Games Begin!!

So today i FINALLY got to see The Hunger Games! I must say they chose the cast perfectly.. From Katniss to all the way till the freaky President Snow. I was never a big fan of Peeta in the books, but i think Josh Hutcherson did a really good job in playing Peeta and i sort of like him (Peeta) now, Jennifer Lawrence for Katniss? Perfect! Liam Hemsworth for Gale? Perfect, i always sort of loved both of them, hehehe. 
Even though the movie lacked those memories of Katniss about Prim and Gale back home in district 12 and her thoughts weren't exactly given out to the audience.. But overall i loved the movie! 
After reading and now watching the Hunger games i wish i could shoot like Katniss.. And yes i admit whenever i read any book from the trilogy, i get nightmares because i am in the games as well..
May the odds be ever in your favour! 


  1. Hi, there!

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    I've heard SO much about "The Hunger Games"! I have yet to get started on this series, though. I do own the first two books, and I'm hoping to get to them this year...I have TONS of books in my TBR pile, so I'm crossing my fingers!!

    It's GREAT that you've seen the movie! I think I'll wait until I read the first book, at least.

    Good luck with all your exams!! : )

    Maria @

  2. Yay for Hunger Games! Watching it tomorrow finally :D I'm glad you think the cast is perfect but I'm just worried about the whole capturing the battleness of it like if theres enough violence, i want violence because i dont want it to be like a kids movie plus i also hope theres a big element of romance in it hehe ;)

  3. @Maria Behar: Thanx for the follow and hope you find the hunger games just as amazing as i did!

    @Caroline: Yes there was violence but they did miss out somethings... And yeah a little bit romance was def there..

  4. oh..i thought you are starting some sort of games in which you will remain hungry for a specific kinda thing :P

  5. Lol its one of my favourite books that has been turned into a movie! Well dieting not my thing.. :P

  6. I agree, the movie was perfectly cast right down to the tributes. LOVE it! :)

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    1. I knpow it was PERFECT! :)
      I am following your blog.. :)

  7. Replies
    1. Lol okayy.. But its a good movie and i was really excited about it since i had read the books!