Thursday, 15 March 2012


Ugh summer is back, I do not like summers. I consider myself to be more of a winter person. Stupid summer, summer means lots of sweating (ughh), gola gandas (yum?), load shedding (sometimes), sun burns and occasionally tanned to such an extent your mother tell you that only feature visible on the face is the eyes, even though summers mean flowers and lots of them everywhere but still i find summer to have no smell at all..
Whereas winter, ahh they smell so good! They small of burnt charcoal and wood, the soft cozy blankets, and what not?
I hate Summers but its here, time to keep my loving sweaters, shawls, gloves etc inside to take out clothes that are summer appropriate.. :/
Happy summers blahh :P


  1. before your post i never really thought about my favourite season... hhhhmmmmm............but I guess with the shortage of electricity in our country, proponents of summer will have a hard time defending their stance so yeah count me in for your summer loathing society :)

  2. Aah well if it helps you sleep at night... I think that summers are there to give you sunstroke every now and then...