Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Fathers, what will we do without them?

Today i heard the most heartbreaking news, it was about my friend's father who passed away. He had a heart attack and did not survive. It is just so weird, she used to be the most lively person among us, always laughing always happy but today her world shattered into tiny pieces. She lost her father.
Fathers are a blessing of God just like mothers are. I don't know what i would do if God forbid i lost mine. A daughter is always a daddy's girl, when your mother does not agree you run to your father. Your mother refuses to pay for your stupid requests, you simply make the puppy dog face at your dad and you have that really stupid thing you think you want at that time.
Fathers are no less the most feared person in the house, yet we children love our fathers, because they support us, they pamper us, they are our wall, they provide protection and hear what you have to say about a certain situation with amusement.
The greatest gift i ever had. Came from God; I him Dad.-Author unknown
My prayers are with my friend, her family and with them who have lost their fathers, because in my opinion they are very strong to live without one, for i would be lost without mine.
May Allah rest his soul in peace, ameen.


  1. That's terrible. I can't imagine what it would be like to lose your dad. Hope your friend and her family are okay :(

  2. yes ...dads are always on the side of daughters... :)
    may his soul rest in peace... ameen..