Sunday, 9 October 2011

I am from.. Narnia.

Just a crazy fan girl, who longs to see her favourite band in her country performing live or maybe coming on T.V once in awhile. But no she can not, why is that so? Because she is from Narnia, yes Narnia!
No channel that shows her the love of her life airs in Narnia, she goes to this video site to view them preforming but ahh the stupid message that says ''You can not view this because it is not available in your country'' Why? Because she lives in Narnia!
So people this is the story of well a Narnian!
I am a Narnian longing to see 1D in Narnia...ermm Pakistan!
Personally i think 1D should come here as Zayn Malik is of Pakistani descent.. You know to meet his family and well preform...
So well I am from... Narnia! 


  1. i wish someday you favourite channel and your favourite band comes to Narnia and you live happily ever after :)

  2. the new header is great... i didnt quite like the earlier one :)

  3. Thanx! Neither did i, i had just kept it for the sake of well having one! :D

  4. oh..i thought may be it was your favourite thats why i didnt say anything about it :)

  5. Lol okay.. :) I was looking for a new header since forever.

  6. wese you can find a surprise if you read my latest post :)

  7. hey its prince caspian commenting here,
    just wanna tell u that blogging is prohibited in narnia and if u'll go agains the rules azlan or whatever the name of lion is might eat u :P

  8. Lol, i got permission from aslan to blog about Narnia xD