Saturday, 15 October 2011

Reasons why God did not make me British.

Well i have lived happy 15 years as a Pakistani and hopefully many more years as one (a Paki i mean).. But I just can not deny the fact that I would had loved to be British at some point.. I mean come on!! British accents are just mind blowing. 

So a few years ago my Dad told me that my Dad's grandfather had ''married'' someone in Old Brit. while studying law there... (hmmmm why do everyone go there for law??) But did not tell his father until he was forced by his father to marry a local Pakistani woman from their society.. (Problem with my family, Land lords with big cars and awesome Gothic houses. Come to think of it i do not mind). 

So yeah technically that sort of gave birth to of me day dreaming of well being a Brit. When today in our History books, i read about the British coming to the subcontinent and being enemies etc etc, come on how can they be enemies? They introduced the bit of education here, didn't they? While the Moguls were busy singing.. (No offence to the Moguls, love their culture) And come on have you heard them talk? Yeah so as you might have guessed by now i am absolutely in love with Brits, for reasons i do not even understand.. Or maybe i do..

So there is a little list i made about why i am not British..
  1. Being British means having that amazing accent, so i would have apparently never stop talking. So just to keep me from talking 24/7 God did not make me British.
  2. Most of my favourite celebrities are well British, so i would be forever stalking them. So just keep me busy with real stuff i am not a Brit.
  3. I heard England has winter like most of the year, i love winters hardly winter here so i would spend most of my time outside then inside the house, so just to keep in the house i guess?
  4. I heard they have amazing school uniforms there... I would apparently never change out of my uniform and my mum hates it when i do not change ASAP after school.. So yeah thats why!
  5. I would keep running into the wall between platform number 10 and platform number 9 to reach platform number 9 and 3/4 every September 1st..
  6. And if i saw an old man with a big white beard i would go and hug him thinking he's Dumbledore.. 
Yeah so that's why i think i am not a Brit... 
Come to think of it if i was a Brit and well did all the things i mentioned above i would be sent to an asylum. xD


  1. Hahahahahaha the British accent is one thing that reallyyyyyyyy annoys me :P

  2. Lol i actually love that accent! Most people i have come across think that its annoying because it is difficult to comprehend! :P

  3. Hey S. Mahnoor Shah you won Versatile Blog award! Congrats :D

  4. I like the sixth point. :P
    New follower by the way!

  5. @Caroline Thnnx! :D

    @NakedReality Thank you for following my blog! :D

  6. You ask how could the Britishers have been our enemies? Well, to put it simply no one likes being put inside a cage. The Britishers saw the Subcontinent as a profit-maximising point and only came here to exploit our resources and men. That, and they created a division among the Muslims by bribing Mirza Ghulam Ahmed into inventing the Ahmediyya Movement of "Islam." A little overboard and harsh, yes, but fact nonetheless. Its these reasons that make them our enemies, which they still are.

    About point number three: England enjoys all four seasons and if you were born there you would hate winter (as most Brits do) and long for the summer sun. Also, your unnatural attraction towards a bearded man well into his eighties frightens me.